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Catfight #2. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight

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(by our reporter on the scene with a white-bread cutter, Al Loxan)

A fascinating exchange about foodstuffs is happening right now, here, on Barbados Underground. It’s worth watching.

At Barbados BlogWatch, we don’t take sides; we just take note.

That said, however, the evening editorial desk at BBW tends to think that Mr. Roosevelt O. King, might have committed the depressing error of bringing a knife to a gunfight in that particular arena on Barbados Underground.

That’s never a good idea.

We’re surprised, frankly. Mr. King is already being supported by Mr. Christopher Halsall, who owns a website. And Mr. Halsall has already entertained the “BU Family” (and indeed the entire “international community”) with his personal accounts of gunplay.

Be interesting to see how this catfight develops. Or, as the Head of the “BU Household” might say when he’s talking to the “BU Family”:

“Might make interesting reading the article today … we feel sick to know the stuff we know … interesting to note in the Nation today … the issue about the issue of the issue regarding the issue of lesbians, immigrants, youth, Rhianna … subculture … Could be interesting reading … schools, subculture, immigrants, transport, alternative lifestyle, immigrants, homosexuals, Guyanese, lesbian immigrants in the subculture ZR scenario, PSV, er, PVS, tattoos, weeds on de lawn. And, er, lesbian immigrants in the schools and the ZR subculture. Plus, lesbians. And ZR. And Jamaican dancehall. Have to confront as a country … Could be interesting … Could be interesting reading but you won’t be reading it from me because I’m still that snotty little kid who wanted to start fights at school but never had the stones to get involved himself.


Written by bajanblogwatch

28 May 2010 at 6:05 pm

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