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BANGO Seeks New Headquarters?

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(by our reporters on the scene with a copy of “The Nation”, N.G. O’Dear and R.U. Phuquin-Kiddinmee)

The world of non-governmental organizations and public charities in Barbados was rocked to its foundations this week when The Nation newspaper went public with an editorial calling for the Louis Lynch school building to be given to the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (BANGO).

Quoting the editorial at “The Nation”:

“The request to Government from the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (BANGO) to use the abandoned Louis Lynch Secondary School as their headquarters should be seriously considered.”

See the whole editorial here.

This call sent shockwaves throughout the Barbados BlogWatch (BBW) editorial meeting and, perhaps, throughout the known universe.

We made up a Venusian who said: “are they fucking crazy?”

Veteran visitors to the BANGO website in the past four years will have noted that the BANGO website has not been updated for, er, four years. It’s half a decade old, folks, with zero movement. Nothing. Nada. Rien. Absolutely zip. Its latest news seems to be an agenda from 2005.

What does BANGO actually do that should warrant it being granted a public building as its headquarters? What?

A basic Google search for BANGO activities yields very thin gruel as to its activities in recent years. What does BANGO actually do? And where is the evidence of what is does, if it does anything? Since its website is still operational, it still seems to be claiming in 2010 (and was explicitly claiming in 2006) to be a registered charity, so where is its 2009 annual report?

Minimal secondary-source efforts to determine what BANGO actually does certainly yield thin gruel. Those efforts do, nonetheless, yield comments by and about the Secretary General of BANGO.

Some of those comments can be found here and here and here.

Mr. Halsall, by the way, owns a website. Why not visit?

Best wishes to all of good faith.


Written by bajanblogwatch

8 July 2010 at 2:54 pm

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