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On the Rampage, Pip, and off the Rampage, Pip; such is life.

What happened to that sex-trafficking ring announced online by Barbados “Underground Family Member” Roosevelt O. King on Barbados Underground?

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by our reporters on the scene, Baffy de Baf de lil’ Bajan Rapis’ an’ an Indescribably Boring Fat Gobshite. Research by Bonny Peppa an’ Man Wiv No Name. Vids from the idiot Kiki.

What happened? Wha happen? Where de ROK at? Where he be? He on de Facebook? Our hero. He know bout dem bitches. Let him tell you how sick these women are. Let him tell you, if you de joo, how he goan hunt you down in yo house.

A new national Barbados hero, courtesy of semiliterate hate-mongering gobshite “David” at Barbados Underground.


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